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  • ü    Customer Service: 

    Customer service is essential for the success of any business, and investor confidence in financial institutions comes from offering top quality customer service. It is very important to know exactly how to fulfill the customers' requirements so that you can meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

    Services we offer are: 

    §      Create an account for customers and identify and updating their information as needed on Security Depository Center System.

    §      Transferring stocks and securities as requested.

    §      Provide our customers with the detailed reports that related to their personal portfolios. This can be done by e-mail, fax or in person.

    §      Provide timely responses to questions about the services offered, and take care of customers' complaints.

    §      Follow up clients' questions and concerns until the inquiry has been completely resolved.


    ü    Brokerage: 

    The fundamental task for any brokerage firms is to sell and buy securities. This role is vital and critical due to its accuracy and timely factors.


    The brokerage department in our company has the following responsibilities:

    §      Carrying out the orders. This is done by professional and licensed brokers.

    §      Keeping the customers aware of any orders taken place in their accounts.

    §      Inform our customers about the updated regulations and policies that issued by Jordan Securities Commission and Amman Stock Exchange.


    ü    Electronic Services: 

    Umniah pay a great attention to all technological systems that can be useful to serve our customer safely and easily.

    §      Electronic Trading (Coming Soon): 

    Electronic Trading uses information technology to bring together buyers and sellers through electronic media to create a virtual market place. Exchanges that facilitate electronic trading in Jordan are regulated by Jordan Securities Commission. 

    Umniah provides integrated electronic services to whole customers across the world. We offer a full range of brokerage services including trade execution through clearing and access to electronic systems.

    By implementing Electronic Trading, customers can carry out, modify or cancel the orders, as well as check the updated portfolio directly.

    §      My Portfolio:

    Through this service, the customer can inquire about securities portfolio or disclosures and any updating that are made to his account through our website.

    §      Short Message Service:

    We provide SMS text messages service to our clients about the executed orders (partially or completely executed).

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