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  • 07/06/2022
    Under the patronage of the Governor of the Central Bank of Egypt, Tarek Amer, and the Secretary-General of the Union, Wissam Hassan Fattouh. The CEO of the Amman Stock Exchange (ASE) Mazen Wathaifi, participated in the Arab Banking Conference 2022 entitled “The Repercussions of the International Crisis and Its Impact on the Economic situation in the Arab Region", organized by the Union of Arab Banks (UAB) in cooperation with the Central Bank of Egypt (CEB) and the Federation of Egyptian Banks which was held in Cairo- Egypt during the period 18-19/05/2022. The two days conference discussed several issues, the most important of which are: The latest developments in the international and regional arenas regarding the repercussions of the international crisis and its impact on the economic situation in our Arab region, the challenges and risks facing economic security in light of the international geopolitical crisis and its impact on Arab food security, in addition to discussing the implications of global oil and gas prices and alternatives, and the interaction of Arab financial markets with the crisis and the prospects for remittances. The CEO of the ASE participated as a keynote speaker in the panel discussion entitled “The interaction of Arab financial markets with the crisis and the prospects for remittances”, which was moderated by the Secretary-General of the Arab Federation of Capital Markets, Dr. Rami Al-Dukani, and discussed repercussion of crisis on capital markets and stock exchange, and the impact of potential increase in inflation and raising interest rates on capital markets. It’s worth mentioning that the conference was attended by a selection of senior Arab and international banking leaders, as well as Arab central bank governors, and representatives of Arab and international organizations and bodies. Banking and economic figures who played a prominent role at the Arab banking and development levels were also honored, including the honoring of Dr. Ziad Fariz, the former governor of the Central Bank of Jordan, as "Governor award for the Year 2021".
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