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  • 07/03/2021
    The judging committee consisting of 9 members, including heads of regulators and global stock exchanges, which was formed by the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE), selected Dr. Rasha Dayyat, Director of the Planning and Institutional Development Department at Amman Stock Exchange, to be among the list of women leaders in global stock exchanges as part of the Federation's initiative aimed at highlighting the leading women In the stock exchanges of the world. Where the federation asked its 250 members to nominate women for this list, and the female candidates should answer the questions related to this initiative, which reflect the vision and perception of women working in the financial markets for progress and development in work and in the field of work of stock exchanges in particular, and shows her previous experiences in various fields. International stock exchanges, including the Amman Stock Exchange, submitted their nominations, which amounted to 60 female candidates competing to enter the list of leading women in stock exchanges around the world, and 21 women were selected from the candidates to be on the list announced by the Federation. A special issue will be published by the World Federation of Exchanges, in FOCUS magazine, which highlights the stories of the 21 WFEs women leaders. The participation of ASE in this initiative derived from its belief in the importance of the effective participation of women and equal opportunities in leadership at all levels of decision-making in the political, economic and public scopes, and in implementing the sustainability standards related to this aspect. Its worth mentioning that the World Federation of Exchanges Established in 1961, and the headquartered in London, includes 57 member. The WFE exchanges are home to nearly 53,000 listed companies, and the market capitalisation of these entities is over $93 trillion.
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